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DFA ensures all staff and delivery partners recognise and accept their responsibility to develop the awareness of the risks and issues involved in safeguarding and are clear on how to identify and report any incidents.

DFA is committed to working with local safeguarding organisations, such as the local authorities, Channel, Prevent coordinators, the Police and other community & referral groups to ensure the safeguarding of all learners.

As a training provider DFA have responsibility for the welfare of all our learners. Our tutors and mentors will act if there are any signs of anyone being at risk. We will support you if you face any form of bullying, harassment and/or discrimination, if you are experiencing any difficulties that may impact of your studies or if you need access to specialist support.

We have a policy in place that:

  • prevents unsuitable people working with learners
  • promotes safe practices and challenge poor and unsafe practice in the workplace
  • dentifies instances where there are grounds for concern about a learner’s welfare and ensures that appropriate action is taken to support learners to keep safe.

All tutors and mentors are required to complete safeguarding training as part of their induction. Everyone within the organisation is required to complete a mandatory training every two years.

We have two designated safeguarding officers;
Jo Rawnsley – Designated Safeguarding Lead – jrawnsley@duttonfisher.com 07985382624
Jo Fisher – Deputy Safeguarding Officer – jo@duttonfisher.com

You can read our Safeguarding and Prevent Policy here. Safeguarding and Prevent Policy

Prevent Duty

We also have a responsibility to ensure we comply with the Prevent duty. This duty forms part of the Government’s counter terrorism strategy. Terrorists’ threats in the UK can come from a range of organisations and in some case lone individuals.

“Whether inspired by Islamist extremism, the far right, or the situation in Northern Ireland, the overarching goal of individual terrorists and the groups that support them is the same – to inflict harm, to inspire fear and, in so doing, look to undermine the very fabric of our society”. Contest Strategy; The United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering Terrorism 2018″

All terrorist groups need to radicalise people to their cause. How, where and to what extent they do this varies.
We have a strategy in place that;

  • requires all staff and learners to undertake Prevent training
  • requires all staff to promote mainstream British values
  • ensures all staff act timely to report any concerns regarding radicalisation and/or threats to commit terrorism

All tutors and mentors are required to complete Prevent training as part of their induction and every 2 years after that.

You can read our Prevent Strategy here. Prevent Strategy 2021

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